map of france

Example: map of France

With, you can visualize the geographical distribution of a community.

List of maps on our database :
  • United States
  • Canada
  • France
  • Belgique
  • Suisse
  • ... and others soon !

  • Free registration
  • Easy to use (the map is ready as soon as it is created)
  • Customization (colors, HTML headers and footers, custom informations)
  • Full administration of user registred to the map (edition, delete, add)
  • MOD for your phpBB forum!

  • 20341 existing maps
  • 1384605 users in the whole maps
  • 1 million page views by months (xiti, june 2006)
  • There is currently 50 different people on the website

Important notice:
Everything is done on this website, you do not have to program in PHP or to have your own database. You only have ton create a link to your map from your website and people will be able to registrer by themselves.

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